Kill the sidebar &
keep the good stuff

The first true Pinterest wall-style theme

See Daze in action

Choose a starting Daze homepage from 4 different layout concepts.

Masonry with special boxes

New blog concept with masonry style posts that incorporates sidebar elements throughout your homepage.


Advanced masonry with special boxes

This layout maximizes the usage of screen space with a super-wide grid and a big slider showing 3 latest posts.


Classic masonry with right sidebar

Classic masonry blog homepage without Special boxes. It includes the standard right sidebar with usual WP widgets.


Minimalist wide image-only masonry

Minimalist, clean and simple masonry homepage that shows only post’s featured images without the sidebar.

A brand-new blog concept on ThemeForest

Introducing Special boxes:
a trendy no-sidebar solution

If you like the spontaneous flow of posts on Pinterest-style blogs, but you also appreciate sidebar functionality — we got you covered. We made a true Masonry list with Most popular or Latest posts, social links & advertising banners that automatically repeat on your homepage as often as you decide. Release the true power of special boxes by using it together with infinite scroll.

special boxes
GIF’s 30th birthday is coming!

Celebration of the animated GIF

If you are not a big fan of GIFs — you won’t get it. But if you are, like us — frustration is finally over. GIFs will work everywhere. Just upload them and watch them move in your blog list, single posts and sliders. Now your WP blog can be as entertaining as any other GIF heavy community like Tumblr.

Make it pop!

Pop-up pages & advertising

Do you advertise stuff on your site? Do you promote events? Or, you just want to say “hello” to visitors? Now you can create custom pop–out pages and make them pop–out before the visitor sees your homepage.

pop-out pages
Make your blog more engaging

Huge embed support

Our blog themes can embed content from all major media websites. Embedding makes your content more receptive for users to share on their own social profiles, bringing even more free traffic.

College Humor
Funny or Die
Kick Starter
Enough with the same old design & concept

Brand-new, intuitive mobile menu

We got rid of the old, hard–to–navigate accordion mobile menu for a more intuitive & content rich fullscreen menu for mobile devices, that lets your users navigate through all the drop down menus without a fuss. This is a growing trend that gained traction in the past year on major trendsetting blogs, online news aggregators and websites.

Stay in tune with the color trends

Colors from Pantone trends for 2016

For Daze blog theme, we’ve chosen our favorite web-friendly shades from this year’s Pantone color trends reports for 2016. These colors are recommended if you don’t have a prepared identity color scheme. If you do – you can customize the main color to express your visual identity.

Daze Punch
Iced Coffee
Lilac Gray
Snorkel Blue
Lush Meadow
Ride the Twitter madness

Quick-tweet with text selection

Make it easy for your visitors to tweet your posts with our integrated “Tweet with selection” tool. Simply by selecting any text within a post (just like copying) visitors will be given a pop-up button that let’s them login to Twitter and immediatelly tweet the article with the selected text and a link to your post.

tweet selection

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